Today’s Update, et al

I did have a good time last night, catching up on blogs, watching a movie, that kind of good stuff, until about eight o’clock. That’s when the nausea started. The nausea that lasted until just a couple of hours ago. Ugh.

I’ll interject for a second here. I’m posting all these blow-by-blows out of superstition, mostly. See, I know it’s going to work this time, so I’m keeping track of all the details for posterity.

Some may call it mental illness, but I say I’m simply a creature of habit. You’ve seen assembly line workers performing the same actions day in and day out. I just like my whole life to be that orderly. You should see me shuffle cards, hubby thinks it’s hysterical.

So anyway, pretty crappy night after bedtime, not a lot of sleep, not a lot of comfort, not a lot of consideration for the sexy man next to me trying to get some sleep before work in the morning. Sorry honey!

My BBT was way up this morning, but since my temp’s now half a degree lower than it was it may have just been a touch of fever.

I told myself yesterday that since I wasn’t crying my eyes out anymore I was going to spend the weekend writing about current events, like, oh, Mississippi Initiative 26. I’d rather do those sitting at the computer instead of on my iPhone though, stupid home button is finally giving out. Maybe I can do some of that tomorrow.

What else, what else, let’s see…

I know, I’m all over the place today.

I’m tired of feeling guilty because my body doesn’t do what it’s supposed to by itself. How do you deal with that?

5 Comments on “Today’s Update, et al”

  1. I’ve still got my fingers crossed that you see a real BBT rise! I’ll be honest, I could never make sense of my BBT charts so I gave up and moved on to a fertility monitor, which was stupid expensive. So frustrating!

    • aprilvak says:

      I know. It’s like in Girl, Interrupted. ‘If you like the movie, you live. Miss the train, kill yourself,’ but it’s ‘BBT rises, get excited, BBT stays low, have a drink, or six.’

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