April’s 90s Alt Rock Singalong

Do you have Apple Music? I made a playlist.

It’s like a flashback to a local radio station from the 90s, but without commercials.

As a pizza driver, I listen to a lot of radio in my car, but not much actual radio. *grumble grumble* music these days *shakes fist*

I do love me some Megan Thee Stallion, though. She’s everything Gen X needed in a female rapper.


2 Comments on “April’s 90s Alt Rock Singalong”

  1. LRose says:

    I listen it iHeart Radio at work and one day decided to try their 70s playlist. OMG! I was thrown back into 7th – 12th grades! You are so right: They just don’t know how to make music these days. 😉

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