Pain Management

Okay, so I told you that in January I got a neurostimulator implant, by March the leads had moved to ineffectiveness, and in June I had it removed because the battery pack was causing pain.

Does that sound like something you’d want to do again?

Seriously though, when I did the trial a year ago, and we found that magic spot where my pain was almost completely gone—thinking about that makes it all seem worth a shot. I just don’t know.

Pros: possibly pain relief

When I put it like that, well, it doesn’t seem worthwhile at all. Obviously there are no guarantees; there are never guarantees. The cons list is so much longer:

  • Possibly no relief
  • Infection
  • Migration
  • Rejection
  • Increased pain

I’m waiting in the exam room now. I made a diagram of where my pain and numbness are and where it feels different. Wish me luck.


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