That Means It’s Working, Right?

Late afternoon on a Friday. My husband works five to eleven Fridays, so I’m home alone, snuggled up in bed with lots of pillows, covers, and a warm sock full of hot beans because we’re out of rice. I’ve got a good, thick book (Chainfire by Terry Goodkind), my iPhone (full of blogs to catch up on), and my favorite PS2 game (Champions of Norrath) ready to play.

What did I do to deserve such a lovely evening of rest and relaxation? Good ol’ lefty decided to start acting up a bit. Hasn’t hurt like this since the successful cycle in June. That means it’s working, right? That would be nice.

So I’ve got plenty of time for a quick update, and then a comment or two here and there, and then maybe a chapter.

I’m still having those moments where the tears just show up uninvited, but only two or three of those so far today. Mostly, I feel good. I feel optimistic. I feel encouraged. I feel loved. I have an amazing husband, and I am really grateful for that. I love you sweetie!!

Being the competitive overachiever that I am, I had originally determined to be an Iron Commenter during this, my first ICLW. I finally talked myself into understanding that the world would not end if that didn’t happen, that I do have a couple of prior obligations, and that it won’t mean any less to those of you whose blogs I do get the chance to comment on. So, I guess I just replaced one challenge with another, but that’s okay. Now to return some of these wonderful comments I’ve been receiving!

7 Comments on “That Means It’s Working, Right?”

  1. I’m so glad you are starting to feel better! I’m crossing pretty much all of my digits for you!

  2. So I’m not the only one for who tears ONLY 2-3 times a day is a GOOD thing?! =) that makes me feel a little more normal!! Fingers crossed!!

  3. Jessica says:

    Hoping this cycle is it for you! I achieved Iron Commenter once a few years ago, but I’d rather leave more meaningful comments on fewer blogs than just a “hi” on everyone’s. Enjoy your quiet time….sounds like a wonderfully relaxing time.

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