I’ve sprained my back, and it hurts a good bit. Time to catch up on some reading, I guess?


burning grinding aching pain
like sand in my eyes
or all my lashes turned inwards
tears dripping off my face
eyes puffing, impaired vision
the ugly crying
the donkey brays

sometimes I hate myself

Good News, Everyone

My adrenal tumor is not producing cortisol, so I’ll have another scan in six months to check on its size, but it’s basically nothing to worry about. 

Unfortunately, I do have a serious Vitamin D deficiency and low calcium and phosphorus levels. 

But that deficiency is what caused me to have a giant calcium kidney stone in March, which caused me to have a CT scan, in which they found the tumor, which got me referred to an endocrinologist who found the deficiency. So it all worked out. 

And I’ve lowered my A1c by .3 in the past two and a half months, which I am quite proud of. 

One Day

I’ve never had an employer I could be completely honest with. I’ve always had to make up a physical ailment when depression kept me from functioning. 


thinking in circles
looping and soaring
slowly, surely
coming back to true

Public Service Announcement

If you’ve worked twelve hours and your feet are slick, be careful getting in the shower. You might slip and fall and maybe even pull the handle off the shower door. 

Apparently falling in the bathroom is an annual thing for me now. But at least no concussion this time!

Also, I finally got my spiro about 26 hours after dropping the prescription off.