More Hospital Trouble

After a two hour ordeal last Tuesday afternoon involving lengthy hold times, hangups (guess they got tired of the ringing), and wrong extensions, my HSG is scheduled for Tuesday morning.

Then Wednesday I got an email that I had new information on MyChart. I’m loving that I can access my appointments online and get automatic emails anytime there’s a change, because who knows how long it would have been before I found out that they’re closing the infertility clinic and canceling my appointment. Yeah, the October 5th appointment that should have been last September.

I now have an appointment October 22 at the new ‘problem clinic.’ Serious WTFs going on here. I spent a while going around in circles with the receptionist, who finally gave up on me calming down and transferred me to the same dead end voice mailbox that I’ve left dozens of messages in and never received a callback.

I went to bed and cried for an hour.

Ian made some phone calls, and the office of the RE who abandoned all his patients last year has a couple of new doctors. So it looks like I’m going to be getting a part time job at McDonald’s, because they offer insurance to their hourly employees that covers 82% of infertility treatments, including IVF and medications. Apparently a goodly number of their patients work at McD’s for the insurance. Thanks, nice office lady, for the info!

Such a brief summation, that doesn’t begin to touch on the depression hell I have been trapped in the past few days. Maybe I can write about that later.


7 Comments on “More Hospital Trouble”

  1. tigger62077 says:

    Oh holy hell. Seriously? I hear stories of customer service and think “You know, I’ve been a receptionist before. I’ve done customer service before. These people? Need to be fired. No place I have worked would have tolerated this.” My heart goes out for you, and I’d like to beat a few people for you.

    • April says:

      They work for the state. They will NEVER be fired. Ugh. I think I’ve told the story about the one who insisted that a CD 21 test must be performed on CD 10, because CD 1 is the last day of your period. I don’t know how some of them even filled out their job applications.

  2. jjiraffe says:

    Good for McDonalds! My SiL works for Starbucks and they have great healthcare, too. Sorry you’ve been in limbo for so long with the RE…ugh.

  3. That is awesome about McDonalds! I hate the runaround receptionists give you. Come on now! I was a receptionist for a long time and I always did whatever I could for the person on the phone. UGH! I don’t understand why people have to do that.

  4. […] Way back before I even started this blog, I had my last visit with an RE on June 24, 2011. That was after my first ovulation, so they gave me three Clomid refills and said come back in September. Then that appointment was rescheduled for December. Then that appointment was cancelled. In February, I got a letter with my new appointment with the new RE. In October. Then guess what! The fertility clinic closed. My new appointment is at the ‘problem clinic.’ […]

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