Stacking the Deck

I think my body is snickering to itself because it thinks it’s clever. It’s naturally CD1 the day Ian’s going to pick up my Sprintec so I can have a period so I can have my HSG. Well, good on you, body, for having good timing, at least. I can call Monday to schedule my HSG, either for July 3 or 6. I’ll have my follow up two weeks later, so I’ll know whether or not I should get that last refill of letrozole.

I’m still going to take the BCPs this month, for a couple of reasons. One, so I won’t still be bleeding in July, but also to help out a bit next month. My biggest problem is high DHEA with Clomid resistance, so ‘withdrawal fertility’ after BCPs might give me a little kick. We’ll throw in some letrozole and the possibility that an HSG temporarily boosts fertility and the 15 pounds I’ve lost this month and heck, I might have as much as an extra 5% chance of getting pregnant next month!

Okay, I might be deluding myself. But I feel better. Even though we haven’t gotten our recommendation yet, all those nerve-wracking court-ordered cross-examinations are over. That worry isn’t taking over every minute of every day anymore. I can actually think about other things! And think about them without automatically assuming they’ll end up in the toilet.

One Comment on “Stacking the Deck”

  1. tigger62077 says:

    *poke* *poke* You here? You don’t normally go this long without posting. Everything okay??

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