Who I Am and Why I’m Here

Why, thank you, WordPress, I quite took the ‘it’s never too late’ to heart.

This is my Day 1 post for Zero to Hero.

Yup, I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a while, first LiveJournal, then here since August 2011. Two and a half years and 462 posts. But really, who am I and why am I here?

I started solely as an infertility blog, because I got pissed at the lack of support I was getting in a support group.

Sarah, I’m still putting this all on you. Thanks!

Gradually, more and more ‘other’ crept in. And really, when you’re writing as often as I used to, there’s only so far infertility can stretch. Clomid round 5, no luck. Year 7, still no luck. Doctor 14, what a jerk. All that jazz gets to be a real downer, doesn’t it?

But the community. I love it. I love belonging to something outside of this house, outside of my family. I loved making new friends who I didn’t actually have to physically socialize with. Yay introversion!

Also I love the writing. Duh.

So instead of this small part of me, the infertility, which can actually be a huge part sometimes, but you know what I mean, I decided to round myself out some more. Surprise! I have other interests! Which was awesome, because hey! Bigger community! Cool.

Did I mention I love the writing part too? Oh.

But I do. I really do. I appreciate plenty of visual, physical beauty in the world, but words are so much more amazing. Such intellectual, conceptual beauty. So many ways to shade the same sentiment with different colors of meaning. And they just fit together so well. It’s like a puzzle with infinite pieces, but infinite solutions as well. Just–wow. Language was a brilliant idea.

I’m a writer who loves writing, so I’m here to write.

Why blog? Because nothing is worth anything if you don’t share it. Is it art if no one ever sees it? Is it food if no one ever eats it? When I make something I’m proud of, something I love, I want to send it out into the world instead of hoarding it all to myself. They’re everyone’s words, but I put them together into something that’s mine.

What do I want to do? Meh, I’m just here to write. We’ll continue to see what happens.