Happy New Year!


May the coming year be filled with wishes, hopes and dreams for each and every one of us, whether fulfilled or unfulfilled. Let them make our lives richer and brighter and happier.


Looking Back

I just read my 2015 Year in Blogging, so I decided to have a look back to see what I’ve written on this day in years past, Facebook-On-This-Day style. 

I haven’t published anything on December 29.

But I did find The Fish.
Oh my, that fish. I’ll have to ask my mother if she remembers cooking a whole fish and scarring me for life. I’m willing to bet that she doesn’t. 

My most-commented-on post this year was also about food; sandwiches, in fact. Yesterday Ian and I had sandwiches for lunch with a fellow blogger, her husband, and their triplets. We even discussed several of the points I made in that post. Because sandwiches are serious business. 

Jesse’s book brought me the most views in one day, but my Listserve win brought the most views on one post.  There’s some food for thought; one single real-life friend brought me more traffic with a Facebook share as did my own email to 22,000 strangers. Pretty neat, though. 

It’s been a solid year in blogging for me. Especially since I decided to post every day. Seven months in and still going! 

If I could just find the time and inclination to finish up my NaNo project…