Worldwide Spread Compassion Day

‘No one should feel alone, no one should feel hopeless and no one should feel helpless. If each one of us spread compassion think of what a beautiful, caring, loving and peaceful world we would live in.’

This is a day I can really stand behind with pride. I try to spread compassion every day, to lead by example. I don’t do much, in the grand scheme of things, but little things can do so much for someone who is hurting.

I wish, for just one day, everyone could be kind to everyone else. Hold a door open, pick up a dropped item, or call your friend who seems a little down on Facebook, instead of just commenting or doing nothing.

We have become too suspicious of people ‘just being nice.’ The culture of fear that so many of us live in today is crushing the spirit of compassion that is so necessary to making any society livable.

Just be nice today. You never know how much your small kindnesses can affect another person.

You can read more about Worldwide Spread Compassion Day here.