He sailed onward, onward, ever on,file0001141335366
Knowing ahead she waited, waited alone.
The wind in his sails
And the salt in his nose
And the anchor never unstowed.

The breeze fell calmer, calmer, and it stopped,
He frowned, and frowned in deep concern.
She checked her watch
And checked again
He was always prompt before.

Three days and nights and nights and days
He drifted, drifted aimlessly.
The sun stared down
And burned his skin
He lay awake in pain.

The wind picked up and blew some more
He cheered and cheered aloud.
She was gone from the dock
When he made shore
And so he left again.

Sidewalk Notes

when the whistling wind
blows soft and fierce and hasty
crisp leaves tumble by

The Wind

the wind whispers, or does it rush?
it flutters gently, breezy
soft, fickle fingers dancing across skin
lacy swirls of air