WILW #2: Nail Polish

Let’s be frivolous with what I love this week: it’s nail polish.

I love nail polish. I do. Maybe because I bit my nails for nearly thirty years. Maybe because most of the time when I didn’t bite them I worked at a job where polish was prohibited. Maybe because it’s artistic expression that I can show off everywhere I go.

Currently, it’s China Glaze Zombie Zest, a recent acquisition. Yes, tip wear because it’s been on four days, and I’ve been working. No, no extra anything–yet. I still have most of the month of October, so I’m sure I’ll come up with something spooky.

Ian and Abby surprised me with some polish strips tonight. When I start to chip my Zombie Zest I’ll rock a set of those for a few days.

What do you love this Wednesday?

What I Love Wednesdays

One of my bestest blogging buddies, Cheryl at Fat and Fabulous Me, has started up a new weekly series, and she said I could join in!

For my inaugural WILW, I thought long and hard before settling on…drumroll please…Jewelry Television!

It feels a little odd typing that out. Shallow, even. In my defense, the first thing I considered was antibiotics.

But JTV and I go way back. Before television stations went digital, it was the last channel before cycling back around, channel 73.

JTV was there for me, five years ago. It was the only thing that I could watch without the slightest worry of seeing something that would upset me.

Hours and hours of sparkly, pretty, jewelry.

Yes, it feels silly and shallow and frivolous to take such enjoyment in the home shopping channel of jewelry, but I did.

It was something that was mine, and nobody could take it away.

And now that I know I can watch online, well, it looks like I’ll be doing so.

Because I love Jewelry Television.