I Stole the Questions!

Have you seen Willow? Because it’s essential if you’re going to know the proper tone and inflection with which to read the title.

I haven’t answered questions in what feels like forever, so I’m stealing Cheryl’s assigned list from her double Liebster noms today. Don’t forget to congratulate her and read her answers. Love ya, Cheryl!

  1. Favorite go to rainy day outfit? I generally wear the same thing if I’d wear if it weren’t raining, so probably a dress and sandals.
  2. Beach, Snowy Mountains, or Forests? Forests. Gotta get my hike in!
  3. What is your go to red lip? I don’t wear lipstick very often, maybe once or twice a year. But if I’m going red, I like Max Factor’s Red Passion.
  4. Your signature accessory? It would have to be my wedding ring. Does that even count? I don’t wear much jewelry either. Hard to break the old habit from my pizza days, when anything else was forbidden.
  5. If you had to pick one hobby for the rest of your life to do whenever you are bored, what would it be? Oh, I’d write, of course!
  6. Clutch or Purse? Purse. I hate to carry things. Not that I’ve been much of a purse person since high school, until last Christmas. Thanks Ian!
  7. Favorite nail color to wear for a beach day? Funny story, I did my and Abby’s nails before we went to the sprinkler park last week and the water took off all of hers and half of mine. Color Show Vintage Leather collection is not beach friendly! But I like something dark and bold for the beach, maybe a navy. I like attention on my manis.
  8. What is your favorite palette? Oh no, I make my own. I’m a mix and match kind of girl.
  9. What colors have you dyed your hair? Most of them. Light, ash, golden, and dark blonde. Light brown. Light, dark, and bright red. Black. Pink!
  10. Handwritten notes or electronic messages? I do love hand writing notes, but I utilize electronic messages more often.
  11. Liquid, cream or powder foundation? and why? Liquid. Out of habit. It’s what I’m used to.
  12. Which is your favorite animal? I love donkeys.
  13. Of whom are you scared the most? Right now, the judge we’ll have next week. Overall, probably myself.
  14. One thing you cannot live without? The sky.
  15. Who all are there in your family? There’s me, my husband, and my stepdaughter. And two cats and two turtles.
  16. Your favorite blogger? I don’t think I can answer that one. I mean, I don’t want to hurt any feelings, and it’s such a hard choice anyway. I read so many different types of blogs, I just couldn’t choose. Call it a cop-out if you must.
  17. Favorite cosmetic brand? Maybelline. I love Color Show nail polish!
  18. Current time in your country and also name the country? It’s 9:38 pm in the central time zone of the United States.
  19. Are you adventurous? More than I was most recently and less than I was long ago. But not a happy medium, yet.
  20. Favorite pastime? Writing! Or maybe nail art. Tough one.
  21. When did you join WordPress? August 2011.
  22. Lake or river? River. Small river. Okay, creek. Running water that isn’t too wide or fierce.