The Stain

I’ve been having some problems with not being able to read blogs. I’m not getting new posts from y’all in my email or reader, and I’m not sure why.

I miss reading y’all, but I’ve had bigger fish to fry lately. I spent last Thursday through Sunday in the hospital with numbness and tingling and weakness in my arms and legs and face, extreme fatigue, and a couple of other neurological symptoms.

So far all we know for sure is that I don’t have MS, a brain tumor, or a stroke. I have a nerve conduction study and an EMG tomorrow morning. We’ll see where we are after that.

But I’m getting some of my energy back, so here’s The Stain, watercolor on 12×12 watercolor paper.


Merry Merry

Here’s Merry Merry, India ink and watercolor on 9×12 watercolor paper.


Here’s Amber, sumi ink, watercolor, and gansai on 9×12 watercolor paper.

Carob Disappointment

My darling husband requested a chocolate chip cookie.

Here’s Carob Disappointment, watercolor on 9×12 watercolor paper.

Sorry fam.

Sea Memory

For a friend who lost a friend too soon.

Sea Memory, sumi and India ink on 9×12 watercolor paper.


This poor little guy borrowed a book way ahead of his reading level. I feel pretty bad for him.

Here’s Libeary, India ink and watercolor on 9×12 watercolor paper.