New iPhones

So we got our new iPhones yesterday. Ian got a 5, and I just got another 4 to save money. It was nice to get a free phone. It will be even nicer when Ian’s brother has the money to add his line next week, and we can say our final goodbyes to AT&T!

After all the crap we’ve gone through with AT&T in the last year, the change is amazing. Ian gets the crazy fast LTE, while my 3G is about the same, but it’s always available. It’s a shame that we’re so thrilled to be getting what we pay for, but we were giggling about it earlier.

I haven’t even restored my apps yet; I got a few of my time wasters, but I’ll have to wait and see if I want to start over on the games that I couldn’t transfer my progress. I think I’ll see if I miss them. My screen is so uncluttered!


I got to FaceTime my sister last night, and we had a good old time using up Ian’s battery. We’ll have to keep an eye on our data for a while so we don’t go over, but Abby is going to love being able to FaceTime Grammy and Papa Keith next week without having to go on a wifi hunt!

And of course, I started my stopwatch again. 🙂

Switching Over

Last October we started having problems with our AT&T data service. It became intermittently unavailable, but only at home. It took six months for them to admit that it was their fault, that our tower is one of the oldest and is extremely overloaded. At that time we began receiving a discount on our bill every month for data, since we have an unlimited plan and were not able to use data at our discretion.

In June when Ian called for the discount, it was refused. AT&T will no longer discount our bill, and insists that we pay for service that they will not provide. The only concession we were granted was a waiver of the early termination fee for the one line still under contract.

Tomorrow we’re going to Verizon. Instead of giving us the $60 discount every month, AT&T will be losing a longtime customer and thousands of dollars each year, whatever business sense that makes, I sure don’t know.

Tonight we’re resetting our phones and selling them, so *sniffle* I’ll be incommunicado for sixteen hours or so. I’ll miss you!!

I’ll also be sad about losing my 129 levels of progress in Coin Dozer Halloween, and my stopwatch didn’t quite make it to 20,000 hours. Oh well.