Autumn Solicitation 

We’re going to be seventeen for Thanksgiving again this year, plus my six-month-old niece, who won’t count until she gets big enough for her own chair. 

It will also be my first Thanksgiving off work in years. Sometimes it’s nice being out of retail. Sometimes I miss it, though. 

I am not happy with this painting. I completely understand the old artists painting over old works. I would not have a second thought at all about blacking this entire canvas out and pretending what I did today never existed. 

Honestly, I cannot think of a single second during this creative process in which I was pleased. 


I am okay with that. 

It is not a reflection on my worth as a human being that I have brought this monstrosity into the world. 

So that’s good, at least. 

Here’s Autumn Solicitation, acrylic and ink on 8×10 canvas board. 

Kids These Days

“What on God’s green earth is this crawling brass disaster, Ezekiel?” Brandy exclaimed as soon as she stepped through the front door. “Don’t tell me it lives here now!”

Ezekiel practically tumbled down the stairs in his haste to show off his newest acquisition. “Mom! Isn’t it awesome?”

She couldn’t help but smile at the joy and pride in his tone of voice, in spite of her own horror and disgust. It might be a statue of a pig; at least, it might once have been. Whatever it was, it had been spot welded and modified to within an inch of its life. “You went yard saling this morning, didn’t you, Ezekiel?”


He hung his head in contrition. “Yes, Mom. I know I’m not supposed to go by myself anymore, but just look!” The grin crept back to his face.”Mr. Parks over on Cherry Street found it in his attic and his wife said she wasn’t having it in her house so he didn’t even make me pay for it because nobody else wanted to touch it! I’m gonna name it Seymour.”

Brandy shook her head with resignation. “Name it whatever you want, but it stays in your room. I’m going to put these groceries up. Tacos sound good for dinner?”