2 Days 1 Quote

Today a quote by Arthur Schopenhauer, stolen from my loving husband:

Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man. 

Have you seen the meme about the “Cat of the Month,” but they only have one cat? While he may be a shoo-in, today we decided to start selecting a Pet of the Month, so as not to leave out the one dog or two turtles. 

Would you like to read their acceptance speeches here every month? I’m sure you would. Don’t worry, I’ll share. 

Now, to find out where one might acquire those employee-of-the-month plaques…

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Teacup Talk


Swamp Story

Okay, I didn’t want to type too much tonight because my wrist is killing me, but I was looking through my pictures to post some, and I remembered what my husband and I were talking about earlier today.

We were watching the History Channel, and they’re starting so many shows now about Louisianians. So I asked him if Louisiana is what’s cool now. We agreed that it sure seems like it. Swamp Loggers, and Swamp People, and now Cajun Pawn Stars and Sons of Guns. And yes, folks, Billy the Exterminator is in my neck of the woods.

The funny thing, though, was my husband mentioned how a friend of ours had posted to Facebook a few days ago how excited she was that Troy Landry came through her drive thru. I never until today put two and two together to realize that this was the same guy that my stepfather’s been talking about for years: the guy who takes care of the nuisance gators and brings my little brother out with him sometimes. It was the proverbial lightbulb going on over my head.

I feel this is worth mentioning again. My family has to worry about ‘nuisance gators.’

I’ve only seen nuisance turtles.

20120120-203136.jpgThis guy came out of the pool…

20120120-210605.jpgThe bottom of the pool.

My brother, however, rescued this little guy. He was hurt, and my brother took care of him for a few days, but I’m sorry to say he didn’t make it.
Tangentially, it seems like every time we go visit my brother pulls something crazy out of the canal, either on his fishing line or in his nets. An alligator, crabs, eels, even an amphiuma twice. Those guys are creepy!

So now you know that sometimes you have to spell it out for me, or I will never add it up. I’m still shaking my head at my ignorance.

But it is pretty cool to watch some of these shows, at least the ones that are shot in places I know. I always look for people or places I know. It’s like the enjoyment I get from watching movies that are filmed here. Even if it’s not a good movie, there’s still the treasure hunt fun of finding my friends as extras.

And a tidbit for you. I used to talk like that, too, but I’ve lived up north long enough to lose the Cajun accent. Mostly. When we go down for Mardi Gras for a week I get some back.