Where Do Babies Come From?

PAIL’s January monthly theme for posts is “where do babies come from?”

A few weeks ago, I emailed the head ladies at PAIL in response to the ‘news article‘ Jules shared. More than a few readers were bringing up a hint of their answer to the question in the comments, and I suggested the question as a theme post, as I’d love to hear all and sundry’s views.

Now, as then, I am without a firm answer. But today, as I thought about what I’d say in my post, I realized that although, for quite some time, this has been the question that has me racking my brain for an answer that will be informative while not throwing me into a deep depression, it’s not really what’s important.

It’s just that one damn line that pisses me off, that beloved intro that you hear so often: ‘when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much…’

It’s bullshit. And we don’t perpetuate bullshit in this house. Except for Santa.

Science is what’s important. All babies come from sperm and egg, somehow. So yeah, we’ll go over that.

But the most important question, the real story, for Abby and for our future children who will come to us through adoption, isn’t where babies come from. It’s how each child joined our family.

And those stories do start with love.

For Abby, with how much we loved each other and how much we loved her, and that we had to fight and fight until finally a judge said that Abby belongs to Mom and Dad’s family just as much as she belongs to Mama’s.

As for the others, they’re still being written.

But they will come, because we love them.