Happy Thanksgiving! We survived it here, and even went Black Friday shopping at the art store.

Here’s Stalagmite, acrylic on 11×14 canvas.


The Center of Things

Well, I haven’t been using these daily posts nearly often enough to keep y’all posted on the goings-on around here. My bad.

This week is Thanksgiving here in the US, and we’re having a houseful again. My sister and her boyfriend (35 years old and this is the first one the whole family likes) will get here this evening while I’m at work, and my older younger brother will be here Wednesday. My youngest brother is, of course, incarcerated again. I honestly don’t remember the last Thanksgiving I had with him.

And then Thursday we’ll add my father-in-law, my brother-in-law and his plus-five, and our two friends who live next door, for a total of sixteen.


Here’s The Center of Things, sumi and iroshizuku ink on 9×12 watercolor paper.

Autumn Solicitation 

We’re going to be seventeen for Thanksgiving again this year, plus my six-month-old niece, who won’t count until she gets big enough for her own chair. 

It will also be my first Thanksgiving off work in years. Sometimes it’s nice being out of retail. Sometimes I miss it, though. 

I am not happy with this painting. I completely understand the old artists painting over old works. I would not have a second thought at all about blacking this entire canvas out and pretending what I did today never existed. 

Honestly, I cannot think of a single second during this creative process in which I was pleased. 


I am okay with that. 

It is not a reflection on my worth as a human being that I have brought this monstrosity into the world. 

So that’s good, at least. 

Here’s Autumn Solicitation, acrylic and ink on 8×10 canvas board. 

A Lovely Saturday Evening


Everyone left today. It was glorious. My husband went to work and my mother took a nap and it was just me and the cats, who were snoozing merrily. So I sat at the dining room table all by myself, and I practiced calligraphy and listened to ambient music for an hour.

And then I made meatloaf and the broccoli and cheese sauce that I forgot to make on Thanksgiving. It was delicious.

Giving Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving here in the US, and I am thankful for all of you. 

I truly am. 

Thank you for reading. 

Happy Thanksgiving Again

Today has gone better than expected; my mother got her deconstructed turkey in the oven an hour late, but we only ate half an hour late. 

My best friend’s mom made some amazing dressing. 

My best friend pulled me to the side to tell me that she saw my mother put half a cup of salt in the gravy. 

My best friend’s dad and my brother’s girlfriend held an impromptu concert on the back porch on penny whistles. This attracted the attention of the neighbor kids playing outside. I knew they would get along swimmingly, since he’s a musician and she’s a music major. I rather enjoyed seeing her passion for music and music history come out. It made me see how she and my brother are so perfect for each other, because he’s the same way when he gets taking about his game developing.

Waffles even came out, momentarily. 

And work has been going by not too slowly, so that’s good.