Meet Cynthia


This is the tattoo I got last night on my left shoulder. Her name is Cynthia. 

Also, the butterfly’s name is Alfred. But he goes by Freddie down at the pub. 


So This Happened

I got another tattoo today. It’s just below my right elbow. Two hours is a lot longer than the twenty minute Ricardo took. 


Today I got a tattoo. His name is Ricardo.  

If you don’t have any tattoos, don’t believe all of the people who say it doesn’t hurt. It does. But it’s better than getting a CT scan while you have kidney stones. Perspective. 

Holes, Mostly in My Head

I called someone a book addict today.

Which reminds me of all the tattooed people I know who are dying for me to get inked up. Why do you do that, guys? You’re like junkies who need someone to join in on their next fix.

I don’t have any tattoos. I don’t have plans for any. I do have a couple of drawings I’d likely have tattooed on me if I were to ever get one, but they’re just not my thing. I haven’t felt the call of the wild tattoo.

Piercings, now. Those are my thing. I can get behind some holes. Especially holes with sparkly stuff in them.

I had my septum pierced ten days ago. So I can wear cute blingy stuff like this in a few weeks:

14K GOLD Septum Oval Curved

Only not three hundred dollars’ worth of cute blingy stuff. I can’t imagine paying that when I can find something just as cute for ten bucks. Seriously. They have cute stuff and all on Hindged, but damn.


As I half-expected, I got a cold sore from traumatizing my poor nose, but we’re well on our way to proper healing now. And I’ll tell you, man does it feel like I have boogers when I flip my ring up for work. I think first jewelry purchase with be a nice smooth retainer.

But yeah, piercings. I’ve had sixteen, counting the seven in my earlobes. Four left and three right, if you’re wondering.

Does sixteen sound like a lot to you? It sounds like a lot to me. For the record, the most I had at one time was twelve–hm, that’s not much better.

And I still have to work it up to go ahead and get that next needle in my body.*

The list, in chronological order, for that at least one person who’s dying to know:

  1. Left helix
  2. Navel
  3. Right eyebrow, but I don’t wear anything in it anymore.
  4. Tongue
  5. Left eyebrow
  6. Left nipple
  7. Right nipple
  8. Left nostril
  9. Septum

The most painful piercing itself was the tongue. The most painful ordeal was the left helix, which I got at the mall with a gun. Yes, I know better now, but it still has me scared of cartilage piercings, even though I’d love a daith and/or rook in one or both ears. I had that thing for months, and it only hurt worse and worse, even after it was done making crusties.

What a segue, right? I guess I just wanted to talk about piercings. They’re pretty cool, you know. It’s pretty impressive how much a little piece of metal can affect my self image.

Did you want a picture?


*While writing this post, I kind of accidentally talked myself into a lip piercing,** something I thought I’d never decide to get. Cheek is still on the never list, though.

**Ian, this does NOT mean take me to the shop. I am not in a lip piercing place in my life right now.