Wardrobe Malfunction

Today I wore a new shirt I picked up at Target on clearance a couple weeks ago. It has shoulder cutouts that perfectly frame my new mola mola tattoo. ❤️🐠❤️

With about forty-five minutes left at work, I reached to scratch my back, and guess what! The seam down the middle of the back of my top was not doing its job. Not at all, except for a couple inches at the top and bottom. 

I have no idea how long my back was all hanging out. Not a clue. I must have caught my shirt on something, but I don’t remember feeling any pulling or hearing any tearing. 

What else could I do? I went with it and just kept pretending that’s how it was supposed to look. 

I’m not sure if shoulder cutouts are allowed in the dress code, but I’m reasonably certain that open backs are not. Guess I’ll sew it up and try again. 💁🏼


Ninth Anniversary: Ink

We’re in Arkansas: North Little Rock, Sherwood, somewhere, I don’t know. It is seriously confusing driving around here. We went to dinner at a restaurant on the same side of the river as our hotel but had to cross the river twice to get back. 

We got up at eight this morning to make it here for my one o’clock appointment at Black Cobra Tattoos with Katie McGowan

The last forty-five minutes of our trip was through a torrential downpour, no lie. Ian drove. We were about half an hour early, so we looked around at the flea market next door, where Ian found a Kirby Puckett card. 

Then we went in and waited on the comfy couches for Katie to finish up my drawing and get everything ready. 

A few hours later, and:

How freaking amazing is that?? Katie was so nice and did such a great job!!

But oh, it was definitely hurting by the time she was finishing up. I don’t know if I can do that to myself again. Maybe on my legs…

We haven’t decided what to do with the rest of the weekend; the weather’s supposed to continue sucking until Sunday, when we head home, so the zoo is probably out. Maybe the natural history museum. 

Aaand the cable just went out in our hotel room. Told you the weather’s bad. 

How Things Change

A little over a year ago, I posted about my piercings. And I said this:

Which reminds me of all the tattooed people I know who are dying for me to get inked up. Why do you do that, guys? You’re like junkies who need someone to join in on their next fix.

I don’t have any tattoos. I don’t have plans for any. I do have a couple of drawings I’d likely have tattooed on me if I were to ever get one, but they’re just not my thing. I haven’t felt the call of the wild tattoo.

You know what’s funny about that? Tomorrow is our ninth anniversary, and we’re going to Arkansas for my fifth tattoo. And I’ve gotten four piercings since our eighth anniversary. So at this time tomorrow, I will have gotten more tattoos than piercings in the past year. 

I’m getting a mola mola on my right arm. 

Super stoked. 

Here’s Lydia


Also, I’m not impressed with Batman v Superman. Have you seen it? What do you think?  


Tonight Ian and I did the unthinkable at the tattoo shop. Or the next best thing, I guess, since we didn’t get each other’s names. 

But we did get matching tattoos. 

They’re crawfish. Mine is named Lydia. 

Pics to come; we’re wrapped up and didn’t take any, and our artist hasn’t posted his yet. 

Not Checking

I hope nothing important has happened in my blogosphere. 

You see, I haven’t checked my email today. At this point, I’m afraid to click and find out how high the number goes. 

I’ll do it tomorrow though. Swear. 

Or maybe I should go check. There could be a good body jewelry coupon. 


In other news, Cynthia is healing nicely, and my next ink will be a Mola mola