Mooses and Rings

Today’s Daily Prompt:

What’s your most prized possession?

It’s funny, I was thinking earlier about a stuffed moose I used to have, thanks to a fellow blogger. He wasn’t a large moose; just big enough to snuggle with in bed. And I know my husband is going to cringe here, but his name was Moose. To further demonstrate my childhood naming capabilities, Moose’s cohorts were named Big Bear, Little Bear, and Rabbit. I may have had a bit of a naming block. IMG_8138

For a long time, Moose was my most prized possession. When I moved out the first time, taking with me not much besides clothing, I came back to find that much of what I had left was gone forever. I’m sure that experience, combined with the multiple moves and bi-annual household swap of a child of divorce are what led to the me that we have today: someone who can drop it all and leave.

I always have such a problem with that question about saving one thing if your house was on fire. I rack my brain, but I never seem to be able to come up with something that’s more important than any other thing. I mean, I’m already wearing my wedding and engagement rings. I wouldn’t risk it to go back for anything else. I can always get another.

So I guess my rings are my most prized possessions.

And I feel better today. Much less out of it. And not so dizzy.


Home is Where the Stuff Is

Today’s Daily Prompt:

Name five things in your house that make it a home.

  1. The quilt my grandmother sewed.
  2. Board games. 
  3. Books.
  4. Our couch.
  5. Clean socks.

I cheated. That’s dozens of things.