I miss you. 

I promise a good long post on Saturday. 

What would you like to read about? 

Let me know. 

Also, I guess some shit went down in the family restroom at the mall. 


Parting is Such Sad Sorrow

Tonight I bid a despondent adieu to my favorite nose bone. 

I was washing my face, and I had forgotten to remove him and set him to the side. As the water poured from the faucet, I felt a snag on the washcloth, then heard the tiny clink as he hit. By the time I looked down he was already gone, washed away to that great body jewelry store in the sky.

I stared at the shining crosshairs marking the deep, dark drain for a moment in disbelief, the washcloth dangling from my fingers. I let the water run, because I knew it was already too late.

After a brief moment of silence, I continued to remove my blue eyeliner and mascara, keeping a brave face for all of the other jewelry in the bathroom. Fortunately, none of it can read, so my story is safe here with you.

I dried my face and straightened my crooked septum ring for the umpteenth time today before unceremoniously dumping my little box of nose jewelry on the counter. I immediately replaced the eyebrow barbells that I still keep in there, along with the rings, because I haven’t found the perfect nose ring yet. 

I shuffled the remaining nose bones and L shapes around with my finger. Bioflex? No. Che Guevara? No. Hearts? No. The match to my so recently lost clear CZ bone? No–the heartbreak is still too fresh and stinging. 

I settled for a pink CZ micro nose bone. So tiny, so chrome.

Goodbye, old friend.