Fish in the Sea

necklace on a pillow.JPG

Karen knew it was time. She could only take so long of singlehood before getting too antsy with herself, and antsiness was coming.

When George left, she was alone for just over nine weeks. It was nice. She got caught up on all her housework, even finishing painting the dining room, which she’d been planning for nearly six years. Productive.

When Kent left, she was alone for just under fourteen weeks. That was not so nice. She spent ten weeks of that institutionalized. She missed Kent a lot during that time. Didn’t even get laundry done.

When Stephen R. left, she was alone for six days. Just enough time to finish the laundry that had been piling up during their whirlwind eighteen-day romance. She also read one and a half romance novels. Not too bad.

When Stephen S. left, she was alone for almost four hours. She practically had the next one waiting in the wings. But that was absolutely necessary: Stephen S. was in poor health when she met him, and he didn’t last long.

Karen sighed, closing the photo album in her mind’s eye and putting on her lucky beads. She was looking forward to a long evening of hunting.


Solo Vacation

“That guy’s a joke anyway, Ems. You go. Bring the sexy undies that I know you bought for this trip and just enjoy being with yourself. Trust me, you’ll have a better time than you would ever believe.”

Her sister Sarah’s words echoed in her head, and Emily smiled. Of course she was right. Sarah was always right. It was nice to just hang out and relax and feel good about herself with no pressure. The cabin was secluded enough that she could sunbathe nude, but not too far from the most important amenities. 

She finished up her game of solitaire and grabbed her phone to order a pizza with lots of extra cheese.