First of all, diagnosis: rotator cuff tendinitis, yay! Exercises: totally not fun. Who knew how difficult it could be walking your fingers up and down a wall at arm’s length? But I can do them for longer every day, and it’s getting better. Sore muscles are so much easier to deal with than the pain I was having. And it’s great to not worry about causing further damage that may or may not improve.

Secondly, while I was waiting for my discharge and Provera prescription (no BCP, long story), my mom called me. Something came up, and she had to attend some meetings near us for a few days. So they came in Monday night, my stepdad dropped her off Tuesday morning, and he has been hanging out with us since he’s picking her back up tomorrow. Ian’s brother spent most of yesterday and part of today here as well, so Abby’s been in heaven. I’ve really enjoyed having him here for a few days, and since Ian took off work yesterday to replace the radiator (success!), it’s been like a mini-vacation for us.

Yesterday I made fudge and today brownies, because I have to keep up the tradition of my family gaining weight from my cooking. I think I’m still on a roll with that.

I had so many topics lined up to write about, but this week has been awesome family time, which will always take precedence. I’ll catch up this weekend, promise!