The Search for Ink

Who would have guessed that it would be such a challenge to find a local store that sells fountain pen ink?

Until a few days ago, when I received my very first fountain pen, I didn’t even know that they use special ink. Fortunately, while searching for a video on how to fill my pen, I learned this fact. 

The nearest stationery store didn’t have any, Office Depot doesn’t keep it in store, and after several minutes on hold with Michael’s we decided to just head up there and check for ourselves. 

I found some sweet washi tape rolls for my card making endeavors, but the spot for the single type of fountain pen ink they carry was empty. 

At least we found it at the Hobby Lobby down the street from the first Michael’s, otherwise we’d have had to drive another ten miles to the next nearest one, which also happens to be by a Hobby Lobby. I never thought about that before. 

Anyway, we got home after stopping for frozen yogurt, and I filled my pen. It writes beautifully, thank you. Now to put some fancy inks on my Amazon wish list…

Two Things

Would you like a greeting card?

Because I would like to make and send you one. 

I mean, unless this gets way out of control. 

You can email me at with your mailing address. 

But please keep in mind this may take a while. I’ll email you once I’ve sent your card off. 

The other is this bag I saw at the store:

The Dirt Mall

Is This Heaven? No, It’s Hobby Lobby

My most excellent husband ordered me a Weller wood burning kit from Amazon, and it came in today. I was surprised and excited to see it after coming home from a long day of packing transfers and emptying cabinets and drawers. I got a ton of goodies from work, including our fax machine/copier/printer, but that’s another post. img_5052

After we went through the bag of personalized for display stuff and dribs and drabs of supplies, we went to Hobby Lobby for some wood and stuff for me to practice. I got:

  • 6 wood slats
  • 3 4×6 wood frames
  • 7 oz. of beautiful driftwood chips
  • brass wire brushes
  • needle nose pliers
  • one small stand up wooden letter O (on clearance for sixteen cents)
  • 2 8×10 watercolor canvases
  • 5 10×10 canvas panels

Those last two are not for wood burning. I can’t go to a craft store and not pick up a canvas or two. I don’t have it in me.

We wandered, and I walked the aisles just touching things as I passed by. Soft fan brushes, sparkling beads, rubber stamps, feather boas. I love Hobby Lobby. Michael’s is nice and all, but it isn’t Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby is huge, and it just flows together so nicely. You hardly realize that you’ve just crossed through beading on your way from fine art to seasonal because the transition is the opposite of jarring.

The ceilings are so high, and the store is so brightly lit, but it’s still somehow cozy from all the warmly inviting furniture bits. There is so much. Arts and crafts for years and decades and centuries. So much.

There’s even new age hippie ass ambient music at just the right volume.

I could spend forever there.

If there is a heaven, I just hope it looks like Hobby Lobby.

Nearly Christmas

Only one more day to go and all of this is over. 


Do they or do they not have the cutest stuff at Target? This is the most adorable Frankenstein’s monster I have ever seen.