But First

I know, it sounds a little silly coming from someone whose Instagram name includes the word “selfies,” but I don’t get them. Selfies, that is.

I must be from the wrong generation. Ian doesn’t have a problem taking a zillion selfies; my youngest brother thinks nothing of picking his phone up to snap one or two or sixteen during dinner or even mid-conversation.

I have a block. Pictures use film, for crying out loud! They cost real money to develop! They take time and a side trip and chemicals!

Even now, I can’t adjust to this aspect of the digital age. And I am definitely far too embarrassed to hold my phone up for everyone to see while I take a dozen duck face pics in the middle of the mall, as I see people doing every day. I prefer to sneak my selfies.

I’m even embarrassed for Ian to catch me at it when I’m trying to get some good shots of my super cool eyeliner job.

This is only worsened by the roominess of our new bathroom, and the ease with which I can slap that stuff on my face. And the excellent lighting, especially in the morning. And the sheer number of mirrors. The list goes on.

It’s just weird. The things I notice when I’m busy paying attention to everything so I’ll have fodder for NaBloPoMo.

IMG_4799Meanwhile, take a gander at this teal and charcoal double liner, y’all.