I miss you. 

I promise a good long post on Saturday. 

What would you like to read about? 

Let me know. 

Also, I guess some shit went down in the family restroom at the mall. 

Hiding From The World

want to curl up very small
in a little tiny ball
and hide from the world.

want to stay in bed all day
not to laugh and not to play
and hide from the world.

want to cry til eyes are red
dampen pillows in the bed
and hide from the world.

Foggy Windowpane

waiting for the night to end
sand grains trickle through the glass
tasting them and wanting more
tasting echoes of before

loss and cold and loneliness
ticks and tocks and silence
tasting rich and eating poor
tasting echoes of before

welcome softly, stepping back
here and there and screaming now
tasting memories, something more
tasting echoes of before


The kitchen is a wreck. Cutting boards, knives, bowls, measuring cups, vegetable trimmings, all scattered about with reckless abandon. 

She leans forward, elbows on the floured counter, hands cradling her face as the tears roll down without pause. The cat weaves his way between her feet, back and forth, rubbing and purring but offering scant comfort. 

A key rattles in the doorknob; it turns, and the front door admits her husband. He drops his keys in the dish on the table by the door and heads straight for the bathroom. 

She straightens up, wiping her eyes and nose with the back of her hand. 

He calls from the bathroom, “Dinner ready yet?”

“Not yet,” she answers. 

Wed Stories at TBP

It’s All Downhill From Here

Why??” he screamed at the world.


A passerby paused to look up at the building, shading his eyes with his hand. Seeing only a crazy old man, he continued on his way. He jerked around at the solid, wet thud.

The world was no longer unbearable for the dead man.

That got depressing fast. My bad. Picture Prompt # 26.

Today’s Self-Induced Depression

I’m afraid deep down in my heart you will all leave me behind and have babies and forget about me, and that makes me sad.

I’m feeling mighty hopeless today.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.