The Waiting Game

They rode in silence, the only sound the steady hum of the tires on pavement, punctuated regularly by the seams in the road. Minutes ticked by without the headlights of another car growing in the windshield. 

Eventually, she had enough. “Steve, where are we going? I’m hungry.” She turned toward him, a pleading look on her face. 

“It’s a surprise, Sue. You’ll see when we get there.” He kept his eyes on the road, dismissing her complaint without even addressing it. 

She threw herself back in the seat, crossing her arms and drawing a foot up. Dinner should have been hours ago. 

“I don’t even like surprises,” she grumbled. 

Steve rolled his eyes. As he’d predicted, she was snoring in less than fifteen minutes. She didn’t move a muscle when he slowed the car and pulled into a driveway. 

The house loomed blackly above him as he got out, carefully closing the door so as not to wake his passenger. One last glance to make sure that she was still snoozing, and he trotted around the side of the house and hopped in his buddy’s truck, leaving poor Sue to wake hours later, cold and alone in the echoing dawn. 

But at least they all lived happily ever after, better off without each other.