Be Careful Out There

Map, Ode, Metaphor

I remember when we met at first:
You lay easy on the rack; uncursed
Standing tall, proud, smooth, and glossy
The black wire rack near the self-serve coffee.

Remember when we left that town?
You were flat and smooth, your edges down.
The car was warm, the car was dry
And you and I, we learned to fly.

Your crinkling would break the silence
I’d fold you carefully, never with violence.
My finger traced tracks along your planes
And my love for cartography never wanes.

How far to Milwaukee? I’d ask, and you’d say:
Six hours and a quarter, if we go this way.
But detours were nice in their own sense of being,
I learned miles and the clock weren’t always so agreeing.

I miss you often; I long for you so–
I never imagined how soon you would go.
TomTom and Google, they just aren’t the same
We would travel forever; the road was a game.

An entire generation has grown up this way
Without real maps to guide them on the roads of today
I’m glad that we had an amazing experience
And traveled the highways, nearly no interference.

Writing 201: Poetry

On the Road Again with Balloons

Candice hated to stay in one place for very long. More than a few days, and her feet began to ache with longing for the open road.

Her feet because she much preferred to walk instead of ride. It made her feel more connected to her journey, more in touch with the earth.

Candice was a hippie. This was in no way offensive to her, no matter how people wanted to mean it. She just shrugged them off and went on her way, enjoying life.

This trip had been a lovely one. She had met a few nice people and even attended a party. A quiet little picnicky outdoorsy party, that reminded her of once when she’d once purposefully left a pair of flip flops behind after another outdoors birthday party.


The tug of the balloons on their strings brought a smile to her face as she carted her bag along the side of the road.  Tomorrow would be another day, and another adventure.

This is a great picture prompt, LRose! I love how it immediately brought to mind a story I wrote–wow! exactly a year ago! Kismet!