Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut

Today I am just full of angsty rage. You know those days when you’re mad at the world? One of those.

I got dressed and went to the dollar store to pick up drinks and cotton swabs. Of course, my least favorite cashier was there. The one who goes to the back when you come in and is nowhere to be found when you’re ready to check out. There was so much junk in the aisles I had to walk through half the store to get from one side of the register to the other. But I was grumpy, I didn’t care how much dollar store crap I knocked out of the way with my buggy.

Fortunately, the cashier was finishing up someone else, but that didn’t make me any happier to see her. She watched me swipe my card, so I have no idea why she asked if I was paying with my card. Anyway, I got my stuff as threw it in the back seat.

As I tried to cross the street to get to the grocery store, wouldn’t you know it? Some dumb kid stopped their car right in front of the exit. He could have pulled up enough to let me out. He could have stopped five feet back. He didn’t even look over at me.

Being in the foul mood I was in, I couldn’t resist honking my horn to get his attention so I could flip him off. It’s just not the same if they don’t know you’re doing it. He inched up enough for me to whip around him, so I did.

I got to the grocery store’s parking lot and immediately had to stop for some guy moseying his way across at an angle. What did he do? He stopped to look at me. If someone’s gonna run me over, I’m not going to wait there for them to do it. This guy apparently decided I didn’t quite look stable, so he backtracked to go behind me. Not that I was going anywhere, because I wasn’t going to hit the couple walking behind him.

Someone was just leaving from the first regular parking spot, but they decided to stop when there was almost enough room for me to park. I said screw it and squeezed in.

When I got in the store, the same couple that crossed the street in front of me was blocking the entire entrance. Thanks, guys.

I went straight to the meat department and grabbed the lonely chicken that was the only thing I went in for, then began my search for a line with a reasonable wait. I picked the one with the paper jam, which was possibly caused by the fact that they were printing bibles for every customer.

20111026-192107.jpgAll I got was one lousy chicken. And a Grumpy Gus who refused nap number two this afternoon.

I dropped my commission paperwork in the mailbox and headed home, catching the one and only traffic light.

But now I’m home, and I feel so much better! If you got this far, I’m sure you can see that absolutely nothing happened that’s worth pitching a fit over, but who hasn’t had a day like this? A perfectly normal day where every single thing that happens, no matter how insignificant, just increases those homicidal impulses. Oh well. Pumpkin carving tomorrow!