Pork Grillades

The latest issue of Cook’s Country arrived a few days ago. I haven’t completely read it cover to cover yet, but that’s coming. It always does. I cannot resist a Cook’s Country.

The second recipe in the magazine is for a Louisiana classic: pork grillades. Ian made them for dinner last night.

Y’all. That was some kind of good, cher!

See? I lost my good English, it was so tasty.

Grillades is all about the sauce. You start with a roux, and when the onions, celery, peppers, tomatoes, and all the spices make it happen, it happens.

The bread is our new house favorite, a roasted garlic loaf from the local grocery store’s bakery. We’ve had it with white sauced pasta, red sauced pasta, tenderloin, roast chicken, and now grillades–all in the past two weeks.

I am so glad I married such a good cook. Thank you, sweetie!

By the way–we had homemade Rice Krispies treats for dessert. I know you’re super jealous now.

And I had leftover grillades for breakfast today.

Don’t drown in that drool.