New Year New Me Again

Hey y’all! I hope everyone’s new year is so far, so good.

I have a ton of resolutions this year.

Last year I learned fake lashes and bullet journaled for the entire year.

This year I’ve lost count. But I’m going to post more, I’ve started a planner and a tracking journal, and joined a gym. Big plans, baby!

P. S. I took up knife throwing, and this is to track my practice hours.


Definitely going to post more.

And maybe not have so much bulging disc in my neck.

And hopefully find out if I have lupus or what.

And walk more since I’m too tired to run.

And sketch more.

Resolution Revolution

I’ve made my share of New Year’s resolutions; who hasn’t? But I didn’t make a single one this year.

In fact, I didn’t even consider making or not making them until two days ago, when Ian asked me what mine were, and I replied that I had none.

Today I did put some thought into it, and I decided that, like so many other things, I’m done with resolutions. This year I’m setting goals.

1. I will finish editing my novel by January 15.
2. I will have a finished cover design by January 31.
3. I will complete a first draft of my next novel by April 1.
4. Every Sunday by bedtime my inbox will be empty and the posts I intend to comment on will be commented on.
5. I will make a quilt from that stack of bandannas by the time it’s cold enough to need it this fall.
6. I will make and share one new goal every week this year.
7. I will do one touristy thing this year that Ian has been asking about for forever.

20130102-174904.jpg Like our trip to Avery Island last week. Tabasco ketchup is a-freaking-mazing!!

Do you have any resolutions or goals you’d like to share?