A Garden Post for Gwen

After yesterday’s fantastic family fiasco (still mostly unresolved, but at least my brother is okay today), I decided it’s definitely time for another lighthearted post of frolicking frivolity. And I’ll dedicate it to Gwen, because she posts such great garden pictures!

So I’ll share with you some beauties from the gardens here. Please, please, my gardening friends, forgive my lack of technical knowledge. It’s not that I have a brown thumb, just an apathetic thumb.

20111123-152433.jpgFrom the front yard, a pretty yellow flower. See what I mean about technical knowledge?

20111123-152540.jpgFollowed by a pink flower. I’d call them both roses, but I have no idea how accurate that would actually be.

20111123-191925.jpgThe tree in the backyard produces some of the best grapefruits I’ve ever had! I do know my food plants, once the food part is evident.

20111123-192008.jpgAnd then I turned around just in time to catch a V of birds. I’m also not much of an ornithologist.

20111123-192056.jpgMy mom also started canning jalapeños and making hot sauce.

20111123-192737.jpgShe also uses habaneros. My other brother loves him some hot peppers.

My sister just made it here, and my other brother and his girlfriend should be here soon. Fingers crossed there’s no more excitement!!