Spam Comments

Gotta love all the pregnancy-related spam comments.

The crossbow one was entertaining, though.

Just a crossbow how-to, not a pregnant crossbow.

The Good Reasons for the Crazy

I’ll warn you, this post is nothing but a whole lotta TMI. Be prepared.

Today my cycle buddy is on CD1. And I had another negative this morning. Something is going on in there. And for once, I’m inclined to believe the best.

I wrote about my Clomid symptoms here. Today I’ll share my post-ovulation symptoms.

Ovulation, observed by BBT and CM. About a week earlier than the other one on Clomid.

I packed up all my stuff early afternoon. I have come to regard this as a mistake. Evening brought some mild cramping. I did have nausea and vomited once that morning, but that does happen with my meds.

I woke with metal mouth, tingly teeth, and nausea, still cramping, a little more strongly. The bad taste came and went, but the tingles were here to stay. Boobs looked stretch-markier. Increased creamy CM. Sooo tired. Headache.

More metal, worse teeth, more nausea, still cramping, also some fluttery feelings. Continued leukorrhea. More emotional than usual. I talked to my mommy for over an hour. Two naps today. Headache.

Metal, teeth, nausea, cramps, fluttery, leukorrhea, and now some lower back pain. I feel emotional, but I feel good. Like happy. I think I remember what that’s like. Still tired though. Headache.

10 DPO
First negative in AM. Cramps much improved, metal taste and tooth sensitivity worse. Still excessive CM. When I cry I’m bawling. There’s no working up to it. But when I feel good I feel fantastic! Even when I’m sleepy. Headache.

11 DPO
Hubby noted that for the past week I want to jump his bones every morning between 11 and noon. Little to no cramping, but taste, teeth, and CM the same. Still tired. Headache.

12 DPO
Teeth worse than ever!! And then I freak out because for once, I’m not tired enough to nap. In spite of the headache.

13 DPO
So hungry all day, but I’m scared to eat by now cause of my teeth…but somebody encouraged me to want barbecue…You know who you are.

14 DPO
Negative cheapie AM, fricking ? on FR gold PM. I only had to rest twice on a trip to the big bad wal store! Still headache.

15 DPO
Negative cheapie, AM and PM. I’m getting pretty darn good at holding it all day by now, if I do say so myself.

16 DPO
AF is officially late. Some serious business lower back pain. Super tired all day. Heavy boobs. Headache.

17 DPO
Negative on cheapie this AM. Absolute worst taste in my mouth yet. Hot pork rinds helped while I was eating them though. Lefty is quite noticeable larger than righty now.

So, what do you think? Sounds good, right? I’ll let you know when my appointment is.

I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant (TLC, not me)

Nope, not a pleasant surprise. This is about the show on TLC.

We enjoy certain TLC shows in this house. I’ll admit sometimes I won’t even look if I’m flipping channels during the day, because it seems like it’s A Baby Story every time. Tonight I switched from the Wii to TV, and it was I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.

Now, I used to watch this, albeit years ago. It just hasn’t seemed to come on at a time I would have to make a decision about watching it or not. Time has passed, and if I had thought about it, I probably would not watch it, just on general principles of not subjecting myself to something possibly upsetting. But, there it was.

See, today is a better day. I didn’t automatically jump into ‘bitter infertile’ mode. Instead I thought about how unlikely that would be in the infertility community. If we can take nothing else from our journey, we know our bodies.

I used to have to guess when asked for my LMP. I knew next to nothing about what actually happened during a normal cycle. Basically, all I knew was that my cycles were longer than average. Now I can give you TMI for days. It just goes to show you how much difference there can be in two different people’s lives.