Quality Over Quantity

You may have noticed that I didn’t post yesterday. You may not have noticed. It’s fine.

You may have noticed that my posts have not been up to snuff lately. I have, and I’m not happy with it.

I posted every day for over two years, but that time is over now. It’s been harder for me to make time to sit down and write a post with my new job and working twice as much as I’m used to working.

I tried using voice-to-text to write some posts on my phone, but my accent’s a little too thick for that, so I spent just as much time editing as I did writing/speaking the post in the first place, which kind of defeats the purpose.

I’m home early from work tonight, due to a lack of business and some schedule-swapping with my arch-nemesis, so I’m letting you know what’s going on around here.

I think a schedule would still be nice to have, even though I’ll post additional stuff whenever and wherever the urge strikes me. So sometimes I may still post every day for weeks at a time, and sometimes it will only be three times a week.

I’m still debating which three days: Monday-Wednesday-Friday? Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday? I’m leaning towards Monday-Wednesday-Friday. And I’d like for those posts to be a minimum of a thousand words.

But we’ll see.

I’m thinking of starting another blog too, which seems counterproductive, but I have things to say that don’t feel like they belong here, so there’s that. I’ll let you know.

Ketchup Microphone

I have so much to say, and nothing at all–again.

On my to-do list of future posts:

  • shoe shopping
  • our anniversary vacation
  • my birthday crawfish boil
  • stinky lying liars
  • internet etiquette
  • the Jem and the Holograms movie
  • books I’ve read
  • writing
  • a busload of various prompts in my inbox

But let me ask you: what do you want to read? Tell me, and I shall write.

P.S. My new hobby is googling weird things and posting an image result on Facebook. Today was ‘dog turnip.’