Good Advice

be gracious and kind
look both ways before crossing
know that you are loved


the tree grows inside
where no tree should ever grow
but still he stands tall


windows to see through
doors to walk through
a bed to sleep in
and you

Domestic Violence

She looked at me as if to say
forgive me, I’m sorry.
I promised her she’d done no harm.
She begged me aloud, over and over,
forgive me, I’m sorry.
I tried and tried
to reassure her
but it wasn’t enough.

I understand that you’re hurting,
that you think you’ve done me wrong,
but I promise, I swear,
you’ve done nothing.
Nothing to be sorry for.
Nothing to forgive.

He came home.
I saw the look on her face.
And I understood.



waking gradient
remedies of the forest
excess parachute

The Knot of Sadness

When the servant knocks upon the door of every single room
And the nightshade blossom does appear to you
Your scent lingers in the air like an aftertaste of guilt
From the day we beat upon the bucket made of tin
And its approximation of a drum began.

The knot of sadness rose up my body from my stomach
And I choked the fierce repulsive bitterness back down.
The rhino stayed by my side the whole night through
And I felt the carnal rattle of no future in my chest
As I learned loss makes a cynic of each and every one.

I hear echoes in the dimness where the colors disconnect
And the bluntness of your words cuts like a knife.
Now follow me on the long and winding road
Where your polar divinity is clearest crystal
And use death’s eraser on us all.