The Sweet Globe

I’ve never worked somewhere that was going out of business before. There is so much stuff to do. Yesterday I spent a couple hours organizing and repricing the pens. Today I spent a couple hours packing and transferring six boxes of crap that we’re not allowed to have on clearance. 

In between I continued to put out merchandise that isn’t currently on display. And I finally opened up this globe and had a look at it. It’s been sitting on the second shelf in the office section in storage for the four years I’ve been here, and I had no idea what it looked like. 

It’s pretty sweet. 

So I boxed it back up and returned it to its shelf to wait for deeper discounts so I can bring it home. 

Listing Things

I’m getting ready for my trip to Atlanta. Today I made a list of things to pack and where to pack them, and I even high listed the liquids that need to go in my one quart zippy bag. 

Flying has become such a pain in the ass. 

The airline lost my luggage once, about 23 years ago. My clothes went to Hawaii without me. Ever since then, I try to carry on whenever possible, and since I can’t check my equipment anyway, I’m not checking anything. 

I finished packing my purse. Now on to clothes and toiletries. 

But at least I’ll get some writing done. 

So Much Baggage

Today’s and yesterday’s prompts go together quite well, as is to be expected, so I’m combining them.

When I get ready for a trip, I make a list. I check it twice. No, seriously, I check it a lot. These are the things I need to do before going. These are the things I need to pack. These are the things I need to have ready for when I return. These are the things that I don’t need to worry about, but I’ll worry about anyway because I can

I’m pretty bad.

At least, I used to be. I think I was much better for our anniversary trip six weeks ago. 

Nearly all of my trips in the past fifteen years have been to visit my parents. Even so, I always get anxious that I’m forgetting something that will be the end of the world if it’s forgotten. 

I can think rationally about this. I can pick up a toothbrush for a buck if I forget it. It’s a house that people live in, plenty of toiletries are available (you may appreciate knowing that my mind blanked momentarily, and I wanted to call shampoo and toothpaste ‘condiments’).  I know with my brain that not a single item I’m packing is essential. 

But I freak out and end up with half a dozen last-minute stragglers and odds and ends stuffed in my purse as an afterthought.

And I’m sorry, Ian, I know I also freak out if you touch anything I packed or set out. 

Leaving is stressful.

But I’m trying to let go of all that. Seems to be working out so far.