Guilty Pleasure

It’s all a jumble up there in my head. This story wants to get out, that story wants to get out. 

But they’re all jammed together at the door. 

Well, that and I’ve been busy watching movies. 

Twilight and Breaking Dawn Part 1. #sorrynotsorry

Desert Island Entertainment

What are your top two favorite books? That is, if you could only have two books, which would they be? And what about movies? Say, three of those. 

When I went on my farthest solo road trip, to Yellowknife, I brought two books, three movies, and a bunch of CDs. The books and CDs were all I had for the nearly week-long trip there, and the whole shebang was much of my entertainment for the month I stayed. I really need to write about that trip. 

The movies:

  1. Natural Born Killers
  2. Strange Days
  3. Twelve Monkeys

The books:

  1. Stranger Music by Leonard Cohen
  2. The Waste Land, and Other Poems by T. S. Eliot

I don’t remember all the CDs; some George Thorogood and the destroyers, some Led Zeppelin, some The Who, some Leonard Cohen, obviously. 

I think that would still be a fair shopping list. What would you bring?

30 Day Writing Challenge: Days 11-14

Day 11: Something you always think “What if…” about.

Something? As in, just one thing? I what if until I’m blue in the face. I what if all day long. One thing. Okay. Deep breath.

Lemme pick a good one.

What if we just pick up and leave? People do that all the time, don’t they? Just pack their stuff and call it a day and drive until they end up somewhere else. We could do that.


Day 12: Write about five blessings in your life.

  1. My husband and I love and respect each other.
  2. I live in a home with indoor plumbing and a dishwasher.
  3. I am reasonably healthy and capable.
  4. The Internet.
  5. I did not get run over by a bus today.


Day 13: What are you excited about?

I’m exciting about visiting with some high school friends tomorrow night after work. I really am, and that’s unusual for me.

I’m excited about making grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, because I really got the hang of those when I was babysitting.

I’m excited about NaNoWriMo.


Day 14: Post your favorite movies that you never get tired of watching.

  • Mad Max: Fury Road. We saw it three times in theaters, and got a blu-ray player just for this movie on Tuesday when it came out. I could watch this movie every day.
  • 50 First Dates. Such a good movie. Such a feel-good movie. My go-to for cheering myself up.

Um, I guess that’s about it now. Strange Days, Natural Born Killers, and 12 Monkeys used to make up the list, but I haven’t seen any of those in a while.

30 Day Writing Challenge

P.S. He just got another handful of peanuts.

Judy Moody

I wish I could type it as cutely as Abby used to say it. Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer is her favorite movie, and we probably watched it thirty or more times when it was on Netflix. Unfortunately, it was one of the titles they dropped last year.

Do you know how pitiful a child can be when she can’t watch her favorite movie anymore? Super mega pitiful. But Ian ordered it from Amazon last week, and we are watching it right now.

The best part? It’s actually an entertaining movie, with positive repeat watchability.

Judy Moody is 10, and she has big plans for the summer–until she finds out that two of her best friends are leaving town for the summer. To top it off, her parents go to help her maternal grandparents, leaving Judy and her little brother Stink in the care of their loony Aunt Opal.

Aunt Opal is my favorite–she’s a street artist hippie who used to live in Bali and drove across the Horn of Africa.

Judy is steeling herself for the worst summer of her life, but she learns that she can have a super mega rare summer after all, even with things seldom going as planned.

You should really check it out–but we’re almost to the poop sandwiches part, so I need to pay attention.

See you later!

Well, Color Me Happy*

Today’s Daily Prompt is about color:

Imagine we lived in a world that’s all of a sudden devoid of color, but where you’re given the option to have just one object keep its original hue. Which object (and which color) would that be?

Maybe by the time I finish writing I’ll have put my finger on something.

I read the prompt and my mind wandered: one of the first things I considered was my purple eyeliner. Yes, really. I can be that shallow. Now that I say that, though, my Across the Universe polish is truly a gorgeous color(s). But no.

The sky? Terribly cliché. No. Someone else can handle that.


Avocados are a lovely green, but we don’t judge ripeness by it. Steak! A perfect medium rare is an absolutely lovely sight to cut into. Sushi! Sushi is so bright and beautiful, but is that too broad? It’s an entire category. Maybe just tuna?


I choose the ocean. I live in a coastal state, but at the wrong end of it; the Gulf of Mexico is 300 miles away. Yes. I choose something that I don’t even get to see every day.

Because it’s the ocean, man. It’s important. It means a lot to me.

IMG_3518The Atchafalaya River flooding in 2011. Not the ocean. But it’s how the shrimp boats get to the ocean. Also not the color of the ocean.


*There’s a sofa in here for two.

One of the things that’s been keeping me sane at this point has been watching comfortingly familiar movies while Ian’s at work and I’m not. And while he’s not. Last night was Hellboy.

Between Netflix and Amazon Prime, we’ve no shortage of movies, but I’ve pulled out the DVD books and even gotten into the VHS cabinets for Coyote Ugly–thanks, Abbi, for reminding me.

Tonight it’s going to be Pretty Woman and/or Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. Thanks, Daily Prompt!

Boring Movies

I do have tons of stuff to write about, but I’m just not up for deep thoughts today. So I’ll snag the NaBloPoMo prompt for today: what movies have you turned off in the middle, and why?

The first one that pops into my head is True Romance. Neither my husband nor I had ever seen it, and so many of our friends continued to tell us what an awesome movie it is. We finally borrowed it, and watched maybe ten minutes. I wasn’t entertained, my husband wasn’t entertained. We just weren’t feeling it. Maybe it got better, but oh well. I haven’t lost any sleep over missing out on this one.

Cabin Fever 2 was another one neither of us felt the need to continue. We love the first one, but the second is one of those crappy sequels that really didn’t need to be made.

We turned off Paranormal Activity 2 because it was too fricking scary. I know I’ve had quite enough and have no desire to see the third one, but I’m a scaredy cat.

We pick up a lot of DVDs at pawn shops, thrift stores, and going out of business sales, because they have catchy titles or entertaining synopses. Sometimes that doesn’t work out. Examples: Automaton Transfusion, Simpatico, and Insaniac.

I’m sure there are countless movies I’ve started while channel surfing and quickly lost interest in, but who doesn’t do that? I probably wouldn’t even recognize most of them if I saw them again.

What’s the worst movie you couldn’t finish?