Tonight we watched Finders Keepers

And had a discussion over whether or not amputated legs are allowed to be kept in this household. 

I maintain that in a jar is the only acceptable method. 

He thinks a mummified leg would be awesome. 


And this is why I believe we should have a podcast. 

No News

No call today. I’ll call him tomorrow. 

Alum crystals are a scam. Don’t bother. 

We tried borax crystals today. They made crystals, but not the big ones we were led to believe we’d see. Also they’re crystallized to the tubs we made them in. Tomorrow we’ll figure out how to remove them without breaking them to pieces. 

Now A Clockwork Orange. 

Failure to Sneak

We failed to purchase a roast pork tenderloin. Maybe next time. 

Heck Yeah

Rogue One date tonight!

We plan to sneak a roast pork tenderloin in. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Movie Night

A Prophet and a Pusher

Tonight we went to see Taxi Driver for its fortieth anniversary. I had a $26 gift certificate that’s been waiting for the right movie for a few months now, and this was it.

I burst out laughing when we entered the theater, because the only other person in there was the man who bought a ticket ahead of us by asking for that Taxi Cab Driver movie that wasn’t on the marquee. Nobody else came in, so it was just the three of us.

I love when I have the opportunity to see a movie that I’ve known and loved for years on the big screen. And practically having the whole theater to ourselves made it even better.