Four years ago today I had an HSG while I had what felt like a million ant bites on my body. 

And last night my mother told me how she and I ate ants when I was two, because she told me they tasted like pickles. 


Leftover Mania and a Good Review

It’s been a good day today, for the most part. I’ve kept busy!

My mom read my novel this afternoon and texted me: “I loved it!!!! It was fascinating and I couldn’t stop reading. Quite enough twists and turns to keep one on the edge of their seat.” That was awesome!!

I’ve been craving bread pudding, so I whipped some up from last week’s donuts.

I remembered the lentils in the pantry so I also whipped up a nice soup with some freezer goodies–Thanksgiving’s turkey neck and New Year’s turnip greens.

And then I sewed myself a headband from this cute fabric!

And this week’s goal? Return to weekly menu planning!

The Princess Dress


There is a bit of backstory. A certain little girl received a princess doll in her Easter basket. The next day while I was on the phone with my mom, this little girl got pretty pissed when the teeny tiny dress wouldn’t fit over her foot. We laughed, and my mom asked for a picture of the dress, so I texted her one.


Over the next couple of weeks, she sewed this dress with one eye closed, because of her double vision. She says it was very therapeutic.

My mom was also mighty proud of herself for including devilishly tiny buttons down the back.


Needless to say, the dress was a huge hit. I’m sure we’ll be wearing it quite often for a while. Even when we’re grumpy.


Mom’s Insurance Woes

My mom is pretty sick. She has been for the past few years, but as long as she gets her chemo every few months, she’s great.

She’s been fighting with her new insurance company for months–well, they’re not her insurance company yet. One of their problems was that they got her application before a letter from her doctor, so she had to send another application because the one they had was no good. Gotta love insurance companies, right?

She was here three weeks ago, and was doing pretty well. She forgot her insulin and some paperwork when she left, but that’s not so bad.

Now she can’t drive anymore because she has double vision, she can’t walk very well, and she falls a lot.

We were texting earlier. I can overlook a few typos, but I have no idea what she meant by ‘bcause the ky Oates I swaroried.’ I was afraid to ask, and she didn’t elaborate.

I’m glad my stepdad is always home with her. I hope she gets some good news from the insurance company tomorrow. It sucks that she can’t get her chemo because she can’t get insurance because she needs chemo.

I worry about her.