Project Dreamcatcher: Week Four

Having done the have dones

Well, my board game idea turned into an art of its own. More of a work-in-progress.


It really is squarer than it looks, I promise! But without further ado, my Have Dones:


More of a have done/skill set collage, actually. What are these things, you may ask? Wonder no more.

  1. A shirt because I learned to sew.
  2. A gift because I have had and continue to have giveaways here.
  3. A book because I published one.
  4. A brush because I do good hair.
  5. A ribbon because I am a participant in Project Dreamcatcher.
  6. A paintbrush because I am an artist.
  7. Numbers because I can plus and times real good.
  8. A ring because I am a wife.
  9. A glass because I drink plenty of water.
  10. Money because I do our taxes every year–self-employment is a hassle and a half at tax time, y’all!
  11. A pizza because I made a large pepperoni in less than 30 seconds.
  12. A nail polish bottle because I love to design my nails.
  13. Cookies because I made some awesome snickerdoodles this week.
  14. A pencil because I am a writer. And I love to hand write.

Deadline met! Not that I’m worrying about it or anything.

Don’t forget, Kindle version of Minotaur for free this weekend! Get to downloading!