Lessons Learned and Thoughts Thinked

This morning I bought a new shirt at the dollar store so I’d have another short sleeved shirt to wear to work, since it’s winter and I will have absolutely no need for a jacket for the next ten days at least. Plus, it gets warm doing all that engraving at the speed of light, y’all.

I didn’t expect this severe of an outcome.

The first few hours I was at work, I watched my hands in amazement and wonder, trying my damnedest to figure out what on earth was rubbing off on me that had never done that before.

Oh. It’s my new shirt. Screw it, nothing I can do until I get home.

I got home and took a shower and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. And I’m still a little grey.


But isn’t that a beautiful thing? My life is chock full of these gloriously rich tidbits of real life, and so is everyone else’s. That blows my mind.The hundreds and thousands of strangers that I see every day are living the same vida loca that all of us are.

Anyway, wash new clothes before you wear them, especially when they only cost a few bucks.

More Work Stuff

The drama never ends, y’all!

Today was the manager’s day off. I worked 845 to 6 and agreed to take phone calls for assistance from the other part-timer, who closed tonight. She’s been with us a year. She started last holiday season. 

She called me fifteen times by 930, when I agreed to go up there and engrave three pens that no one else seemed to be able to do. 

They were trying to put two lines on them. You can’t do that; you can only hold a pen with one set of work holders, and due to the narrow cylindrical nature of pens, you can only engrave one line. The customer had selected pens that only had one engraving area and a design on the rest of the pen. One line was the absolute limit. 

She ended up getting a refund. 

The closer refused to complete the day’s engraving, so I’ll be at work bright and early tomorrow to finish up. 

I did more than twice the work on my single-coverage shift than three of them did in four hours. 

I think the district manager had better make me a pretty good offer for a promotion, when he gets around to it after Christmas. 

Just argh.