Twenty? Ha!

People keep tagging me in this meme on Facebook.   
I just respond that I passed twenty lipsticks a long time ago.   

Inspirational Penguin

Carl sat in front of his computer staring at a blank screen. He hadn’t even turned it on; there didn’t seem to be a point to it. Ever since he’d been fired from his programming job at Stag Industries six days before, he’d lost interest in most of the things that used to bring him some semblance of joy.

He hadn’t even eaten in two days.

His mother was beginning to worry, as he hadn’t answered her calls all week.

Carl lifted his head and looked at the poster he’d hung above his workstation the day he moved into his apartment, seven years ago. For the first time, he really looked. And it helped his mood tremendously.

He stood up and began to whistle as he walked to the kitchen to make himself a sandwich.

Carl paused, mid-mayo, and wondered if the inspirational penguin had been eaten by a seal or died of natural causes.

Propelled by LRose.

Getting to Know You Redux

My husband answered my questions from my post last Saturday, and tagged me back to answer his.

1. What is the best smell in the world to you? I love how libraries smell, especially big university libraries. Paper and glue and Dewey Decimal…mmm.

2. What is your favorite video game character? Sonic the Hedgehog. We got a Sega Genesis when I was 13 or so, and we only had five games for a long time, four Sonics and Battletoads. I love me some Sonic!

3. Do you prefer Adidas or Nike? I never had a pair of Adidas, so I guess Nike.

4. Who was your first crush on and why? There was a cute boy on my soccer team when I was five.

5. Do you miss the rains down in Africa? Sometimes.

6. What is the one album that you could listen to over and over? Ænima by Tool.

7. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve been to the doctor for? I don’t get embarrassed going to the doctor. I worked in an ER for three years, so I know they’ve seen worse.

8. Ever been walked in on? Yup.

9. Would you be a pirate? If I could be an old school pirate. Arrr, ye scurvy scalawags!!

10. What is the most annoying sound to you? Loud chewing.

11. How do you like being pampered? I like foot rubs. And shoulder rubs.

I’m not going to make up more questions and tag someone else unless there’s an uproar.

Wow, I sound grumpy! I’m not, I promise.

Getting to Know You

If it weren’t for Kathy’s Time Warp Tuesday, I wouldn’t have posted anything the past couple weeks. I’ve just kind of snuck back into my lurking hidey-hole lately. But Emily @ a blanket 2 keep has teased me back out with a ‘getting to know you’ tag. It’s time to warm up with some lighthearted stuff before getting into the heavy stuff that’s been running around in my head.

Here are the rules:
1 – Post the rules
2 – Answer the 11 questions from the person who tagged you.
3 – Create 11 new questions for the people you tag.
4 – Tag people and link them to your post.
5 – Let them know that you tagged them.

My answers to Emily’s questions:

1. What was your favorite book when you were a kid? Wow, this is a toughie. I think I’d have to say Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. I love all the stories, but the ones about Taffimai inventing writing and the alphabet were my favorites.

2. What is your favorite card or board game? I love games too! My favorite card game is Fluxx. My sister introduced me to it years ago, and it’s just a blast to play! We have original, zombie, and Monty Python Fluxx, and it’s even more fun when you mix the different ones together. I highly recommend it!!

3. What food do you absolutely refuse to eat? Brussels sprouts. Yuck!!

4. Where did you go on your last vacation? We just got home Wednesday night from almost a week at my mom and stepdad’s in south Louisiana for Mardi Gras. We also had a family memorial service for my Aunt Morna and planted a rosebush over her ashes.

5. Do you have any siblings? Tell me about them. I’m the oldest of four, at 33. My sister is 30, she has a PhD and is a math professor in Virginia. She hopes to come back to Louisiana to teach one day. She doesn’t want marriage or kids, but she’s really supportive and understanding of what I’m going through. My first brother is 19. He wants to be a video game developer, plays the tuba, and taught himself Japanese for his high school senior project. My youngest brother turns 15 in a month, and I’ve written about him a few times. He’s currently in rehab for his…agricultural and pharmacological ventures, shall we say. Once he gets interested in something, he pursues it with a vengeance. He’s good at skateboarding, bowling, and anything outdoorsy.

6. What house hold chore do you hate the most? Since we have a dishwasher, it’s vacuuming. I’ve never liked it. We have a really low pile carpet, so I’d much rather sweep up the cat fur and Cheerios than break out the vacuum.

7. Cake or Pie? Almost always pie. I’ve been craving Key Lime pie for probably a month now. I did have an awesome Key Lime cupcake two weeks ago that sated me for a few days.

8. If you could go to any country all expenses paid for 2 weeks where would you go? Such good questions, Emily! Indonesia. Especially Bali. I love the ocean, and tropical beachy islands.

9. If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be? A donkey. I’ve always loved donkeys.

10. If you were a pirate and had to have one, which would you choose, a peg leg or a hook for a hand? A peg leg. A hook would make it way too hard to blog on my iPhone!

11. If you could have a super power what would you choose? This is the hardest question ever! I’ve had many, many discussions about this with my nerd friends and my nerd husband. I actually lean toward invisibility most often. I guess that’s the natural choice for someone who’s shy and depressed, with low self esteem, someone who already feels invisible much of the time anyway. I could just sneak out of those awkward moments when I have to interact with *gulp* other people. But I do have a disclaimer: if I could be any superhero, I’d be Batman. Yes, I know he’s not a superhero, he doesn’t have any special powers, he’s just this guy, you know? That’s his appeal to me. He has resources. He has brains and dedication. Anybody can be Batman. That’s just awesome. You can’t beat that.

Phew! Okay, here are my questions:

1. What was your favorite subject in school?
2. Do you believe in ghosts?
3. What was your first kiss like?
4. What’s one movie that you could watch every single day, and why do you like it so much?
5. What gift did you always ask for as a child, but never received?
6. What relative do you have most in common with?
7. What do you like for breakfast?
8. Do you still talk to your very first friend?
9. What mythological creature should be real?
10. Where was your secret hiding place as a kid? Did anyone ever find you?
11. Would you live on the moon if there were a colony there?

And I tag Ian and Sarah.

Thanks again, Emily!