Trick or Treat!

We had a great time today! Slept in til almost ten, ran errands, and then naps all around before beginning our Halloween preparations.

Abby was Alice in the dress my mom made for her.

I was the March hare.

Ian as Tweedle Dee.

And Uncle Thomas as Tweedle Dum. The sideburns are new.

And we posed for pictures to share with my family.

Our little extrovert does not perform well under pressure. She thanked everyone, but no ‘trick or treat’s. We made it all the way around two blocks before we got to the park, and slides and swings are way better than candy from strangers.

When we got home, I only had to ration the candy because she wanted to open them all just to have a taste. At least there won’t be any bellyaches tonight!

Happy Halloween!