Today was my one hundredth day on the #100daysofmakeup Instagram challenge. 

What did I learn?

Don’t tip the glitter. 

Also, I can do one hundred different looks in three months. 

No Brows

You may have noticed something new on my Instagram. 

Saturday I shaved my eyebrows. 

And today I learned that I should probably test out my eyeliners and liquid lipsticks to see what’s going to stain my forehead with phantom brows. 

Twenty? Ha!

People keep tagging me in this meme on Facebook.   
I just respond that I passed twenty lipsticks a long time ago.   

Writing Prettily

Today’s Daily Prompt:

Do you love to dance, sing, write, sculpt, paint, or debate? What’s your favorite way to express yourself, creatively?

Yes–all of those!

When I first read the prompt, I thought makeup, because, well, look at my Instagram feed

But now that I’m typing, well, of course writing. There are just so many words to use!

While I have oh-so-many eyeliners and shadows, mascaras and lippies, glitter and highlights, I’ve written thousands and thousands of words. I mean, yes, I put makeup on before I wrote this post, but I’m writing this post.

And since I’m pretty slack with the captions on Instagram, you’ll get a much greater feel for who I am here than there.

Go Team Zombae!

What a long day!

Not really, but my feet are feeling it tonight. 

First there was general morning stuffs.

Then my friend came over for me to do her cosplay makeup:  

 Purple cornstarch gets sweaty, y’all. Fair warning.

Then I worked for six whole hours. And a few minutes. 

When I closed up, I stopped by the store to pick up some chicken for chicken and dumplings before I rushed home to catch the rest of the NYX Face Awards.

I got to see the last three of six videos, but out of those, I was seriously rooting for PatrickStarrr.

But Mykie won, which is cool too.

And the chicken and dumplings was delicious. For me, at least. I finished Ian’s bowl. He may have only agreed to the meal because he’s been saying no to it every time I ask for over a year now.

No Fun at All

I’m allergic to many things, among them mold, mildew, pollen, cats, and birds.

The only one to normally bother my eyes is cats, but we learned last night that it’s been a banner month for mold around here with all the flooding. Six times the normal levels, in fact.

This morning Ian brought me two kinds of eye drops at work, which I quickly dripped in. Who cares if someone walking by wants to complain that they think I’m doing drugs? My poor, poofy, watery eyes needed some relief. I got some, I took a nap this evening, and that probably wasn’t the best thing to do, because now they’re scratchy again.

I feel like I have been rubbing our friend’s cat, Jack, all up in my face. I’m really allergic to poor Jack.

Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.

Do you know how hard it is for a makeup junkie to not wear eyeliner?

It’s hard.