Profane Gratitude

LRose asks:

What happened this past year for which you are grateful, and/or thankful?

A lot of shit’s gone down this year. And by shit, I mean not-good things. Sure, there was some shitty shit last year, like the tree limb through the roof. Also some of the same kind of shitty shit that we were up shit creek with again this year, and previous years. Then there’s the literal shitty McShitenstein of my mom’s colostomy and its shitsplosions. But shit, I’m still grateful for shit.

We moved to a bigger place. Even with the double downers of moving itself and my parents moving in with us, it’s still been overall a positive thing. At least, that’s my first reaction. If i were to sit down and put some thought into it I might change my tune, but I’ll stick with the good stuff for gratitude’s sake.

Ian and I went on a badass anniversary vacation to Mount Magazine. image(3)

Mad Max Fury Road came out. That’s enough right there, isn’t it?

I decided to write every day, and I’ve stuck to that for over five months now.

I’m in the midst of NaNo fever, and my story has actually found me. Or maybe the other way around, but probably not.

And I just feel more like myself. And it’s cool. I’m thankful for that.

What are you thankful for?

Tues Truthiness at TBP

Twice the Sparta

And now for something completely different.

Today I’m going to try out a prompt from The Blog Propellant. Creative nonfictional fiction. Just go see what it’s all about over there.

He woke Sunday morning after strange dreams. As usual after a restless night of exotic mental imagery, he lay in bed a while longer, contemplating, trying to remember the small details that made the night more interesting and less exhausting.

He gave up and began to wonder what his surprise would be. Two options came to mind: a movie or a visit with friends. He remained unsure of which of the two was to occur as he got out of bed and began his morning ablutions.

“What should I wear?” he asked his husband, who was beginning to stir as well.

“Whatever you want,” his husband replied.

He sighed and tried again. “I mean, will I be sitting, standing, walking, what?”

“Sitting,” came the reply.

He winged his eyeliner and dressed in shorts and a shirt.

His husband was sitting at the dining room table, playing on his phone.

“Will you help me with my straps?” he asked, gesturing with a sandal.

His husband put his phone down and turned to present a knee. Footwear properly installed, they left the house.

As they were leaving their neighborhood, his husband said, “I may have already spoiled the surprise, but I must have read the showtimes wrong. I thought it was 10:45, but it was 10:15. Do you want to see Mad Max in 3D or do something else?”

He pondered, then agreed to something else. After a few minutes, while waiting at the gas station, he had reconsidered.

“Let’s do the 3D. We have time, right?”


They made it to the theater a few minutes after the scheduled showtime and hustled to get tickets. His husband shooed him into the theater to watch instead of both of them waiting in line for drinks and popcorn.

The movie was just starting; the voiceover covering any sounds he made getting to his seat. His husband made it into the theater shortly thereafter, snacks and all.

It was absolutely amazing in 3D. And not at all diminished by a previous viewing five days before.

So shiny. So chrome.

After the movie, they decided to take a drive to check out the flood waters from the rising river nearby. No roads were closed as yet; but they soon would be. The river had at least another five feet to rise.

As they drove on, they were briefly amused by the irony of the flames leaping from the sandbagged substation that was already flooded by at least a foot of water. Fortunately it had been closed days before, in preparation for a watery disaster, although not this unexpected, fiery one as well.

He didn’t know how the firefighters would reach the building in time, if at all.

They finished their lap of local catastrophe, and headed home for a bit. They’d make another trip later to see how much the river had risen.

It turned out to be quite a lot.

Also, 600 posts now. Woot.