Do you dream about people you’ve never met in person? I’ve had some quite vivid dreams lately featuring my fellow bloggers. Who’s a dream interpreter around here?

Last night I dreamed I screwed something up at work, an actual previous job, not a dream fabrication. My supervisor was lecturing me for mailing some paperwork in late, and I was trying to bluff my way out of it. Unfortunately, there were emails somehow proving that I was guilty, authored by none other than Rachel @ eggsinarow. Gee, thanks! I wonder why you were getting me in trouble? It wasn’t on purpose, though. I don’t see how emails could be more proof than the postmark, anyway.

I read somewhere once that your mind never makes up a face for your dreams, that it’s always someone you’ve actually laid eyes on, whether it’s a stranger at the grocery store or someone you’ve known all your life. That’s got to be theory, though. How can you test something like that?

I also remember something about most of the people in dreams are strangers in waking life. That one stuck with me because almost everyone in my dreams is someone I really know, not just the dream-know, but an actual friend, relative, or acquaintance.

Even when I’ve never even seen what they look like.

Does anyone else have dreams like that?