Best Buds


Look at these birds of a feather
Frolicking gladly together.
The dolphin did dash,
The cow made a splash,
And neither one cared ’bout the weather.




PP #56

Licked by a Limerick

One year ago today I wrote a pair of drinking limericks. Why have I not written more limericks? 

  1. They’re work. Writing isn’t supposed to be work. 
  2. Well, see #1. 

There once was a girl in her bed
Who had a song stuck in her head. 
It wouldn’t come out,
She said with a pout. 
He laughed and said that’s what she said. 

Imperfect, Limerick, Enjambment

The woman drove over train tracks
Spilled coffee all over her slacks.
She’s not a bad driver
But her investment advisor
Told her to give road trips the axe.

Writing 201: Poetry

The Battery Died

The lady who sat at the bar
Clearly ignored her car
She drove it to town
While wearing a gown
And left the poor door ajar
When the time came to leave
Too much booze made her heave
She puked for a bit
And then threw a fit
Because she got yak on her sleeve.

Picture Prompt # 29