K is for Kindness

What a happy coincidence that Kindness Friday syncs up with the letter K!

I feel much better about myself than the last time I participated, two weeks ago. It could be because we picked up about a dozen yards of various upholstery fabrics at a yard sale this afternoon for $25. Yay!

I put a bag together this evening from some of it.

I might have to make a bright flower to pin on it to make it a little happier. The colors are much duller without the flash.

I also made this bag last weekend.

I love that fabric!

It makes me happy to make things for people who will enjoy them, so April’s giveaway will be a bag! Just comment here, and I’ll choose a winner on April 30. Good luck!

Kindness Friday

RainbowCatcher and Theresa have come up with a new weekly ritual: Kindness Friday.

RainbowCatcher explains:

The idea is that every Friday you write a post where you are kind to yourself and fight against some of the negative internal dialogue we all subject ourselves to.

And I sit here and stare at the wall because I can’t think of anything. Everything that comes to mind feels stupid or simple or wrong.

So I will seize that.

I am a worthwhile human being.

I can do things that are smart and complex and right.

I can hang on until I feel better.

I am worthwhile.